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"We are all in this giant wheel of life, this grand circle and we are all connected. If you enjoy these writings and quotes shared, then part of my life mission is complete. Notice that the writings are all of everything, no particular dogma or religion. There are many paths to Spirit. Some of these may apply, while some may not. Take what is beneficial and leave behind that which is not. In part, it is what it is and it is my gift to bring enlightenment to all life here and beyond."

Friday, September 19, 2008

God/Spirit is everywhere


Good afternoon,

I was told a story of a woman who attended a temple that was new and of a different faith. She was open and free to explore the ways others connect with God/Spirit. How wonderful that we have that free will. Upon entering that sacred temple, unknowing of the traditions associated there in. This woman sat in a position that was not in line with the sacred teachings of that particular faith. A friend who invited her was told that during service that she needed to correct her position in which she was sitting. Why was this? Because it was later explained that her position was not in the direction where God was. This woman then replied, "please tell me then where God is not?" It took the informer by surprise and nothing more was ever said. So today my dear friend, can you tell me where Spirit is not as well? There is no place God is not present. No matter where your sacred place is. Spirit is right there in you, around you, and is you. Have a beautiful day!

In loving white light, my faith, love and magik...

Blessed be always,




"Wherever I am, God is. Wherever my thoughts may lead me, God is there also. 'Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.' (Tennyson, The Higher Pantheism) No matter how far I may have strayed, no matter how lost I may feel, God is within me, awaiting my recognition. God knows nothing of time or of space. He is Being and I know only of my Being in him now. This is true for me and for all people. I think and experience nothing but good, nothing but love. Good and love respond to me across the reaches of infinity, because they indicate the eternal presence and action of God/Spirit."

"There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness."
- Han Suyin

Lava flowing gently, yet inexorably, creates islands atop oceans; winds blowing breezily sculpt the greatest mountains; streams quietly cascading become the grandest rivers; Elephants leisurely walking make the longest roads; and the sun gently shining sustains the most varied life.

And when I quit the city and came home, I found myself where I was supposed to be before. Everything is beautiful, the mountain changes, every, every time I look at it, it changes. The water, don't change the sound - the air is the same, flows. The Spirit, when the tree is shaking then I realize that the spirit is there... People live not knowing, all they know is the top of their shoes today. They don't know the glory, the what we're living underneath. Beauty, nighttime, daytime that is what the things are that I value.
- Jimmy Reyna, Taos Pueblo - Native American Wisdom


My Zriiliant Journey!

Gosh, hard to believe that this week has already almost gone and my vacation time off is almost finished. However this week has truly been very rewarding to me in many levels. How did I know that the time off I chose months ago would be in the correct timing? Spirit, the Universe knew. How did I even know I would get involved with Zrii? Again Spirit, the Universe knew. In which case I actually did manifest this to come along with so many variables with it. I have taken this week to yes, not only enjoy not having to work. But to take time to learn more, do the steps to be successful and work the business. Interesting thought yesterday as I decided to take a nice 5 mile hike to Brins Mesa here in Arizona. As I was walking along and I suddenly realized, this is the exact taste of what I can be doing in the future. Getting up in the morning, having my daily 3 oz. of Zrii, and it does taste yummy! My coffe and sitting at my computer reading emails, watching and learning the business and doing what I need to do to move forward. Then taking off for the rest of the day and enjoying life! As I enjoy it already. Then getting back and attending a nice live webinair, training call. The Universe and God/Spirit truly has given me this moment to taste the life others dream of. And that is why I am so motivated and committed to sharing it with everyone I meet when possible. So I have made business cards and opportunity cards as of late. Used the incrediable back office, bought a new domain name (www.awakenyourabundancenow.com) and learn, learn, and do. It can only get easier. Well, that's it so far and stay tuned for the next post! Have a zrilliant day!

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A Poem That Inspires Me

The following poem has actually set the goal of my life and the reason for this blog. Basically it says to me that love is the only difference between life and a living death. I feel the more love a person has, the higher his evolution and development is. In turn, the higher his development is, the nearer is he to the knowledge of God/Spirit, and of course the most asked question, the meaning of life.
The noblest work on earth, within my ken. Is ministering to the souls of men. And if our vision's true and God is near, his voice will speak to you and you will hear, "Go ye out to all the world and preach for me The Gospel of Immortality." For God's in every man and man's divine. For He hath said, "Let thy light so shine." That unto all others a beacon it shall be, helping and guiding on toward Immortality. Thou canst not help or guide the least one on if thou are not sure thyself the way is true; that is the reason I have come to you. To make it simpler, clearer, unto thee, to find the way to Immortality. If thou hast helped just one poor, lonely soul. To heal a wound and make it whole, then hast thou seen God, and God shall dwell with thee, making thee sure of Immortality.
Contemplate these words. If you have learned to love and appreciate the abundance of God/Spirit around and in us, the natural forces and powers with which we are truly blessed. I encourage you to go out and preach the Gospel of Immortality in your own very unique way.

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