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"We are all in this giant wheel of life, this grand circle and we are all connected. If you enjoy these writings and quotes shared, then part of my life mission is complete. Notice that the writings are all of everything, no particular dogma or religion. There are many paths to Spirit. Some of these may apply, while some may not. Take what is beneficial and leave behind that which is not. In part, it is what it is and it is my gift to bring enlightenment to all life here and beyond."

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Mission Statement

To Love life each and everyday, realizing that God governs all things and activities. No matter what is, or what the outcome will be. I have learned to say thanks always in all ways. Knowing that my Guides, Angels and Spirit surround me always. I strive to see the face of God in everyone no matter who they are and or what they are doing or have done. We are all in part of the Great mind of God! With my actions and love, I know that this will teach others the goodness and God potential within each person I meet. I strive to utilize my healing power that is a God given gift for the highest good for all concerned. My personal life, such as relationships on all levels, is always full of Honesty, Love, Loyalty and Romance. Knowing that my reflection of self is seen in those relationships. My careers and opportunities are vast. I treat them with compassion and dedication. Always striving for new adventures and opportunities. I bless my talents on all levels, artistic and abroad, to always use them in all possible ways to hear others and self. Understanding that this too is an absolute expression of God Spirit in action. In conclusion, I know and believe that this mission statement will never ever really be final. For each hour and day may hold brand new insights and visions, lifting me closer to the Great Mother-Father-Spirit-God-Divine Energy! As my own and personal motto that I have always lived by and will make my own transition by is, 'My Faith, Love and Magik.' Faith in all I do and in others as well as all things. Love which is the most powerful magic in all existence, that ever was, is and will be. Magik in which we all have and can use to guide humanity to enlightenment. Thus, one must always keep in mind that society believes that we are human beings trying to become more spiritual. The real universal truth is, that we are all very powerful spiritual beings already just having human moments. If humanity learned and embraced this concept, enlightenment would be attained. So my mission statement is concluded, for now.

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A Poem That Inspires Me

The following poem has actually set the goal of my life and the reason for this blog. Basically it says to me that love is the only difference between life and a living death. I feel the more love a person has, the higher his evolution and development is. In turn, the higher his development is, the nearer is he to the knowledge of God/Spirit, and of course the most asked question, the meaning of life.
The noblest work on earth, within my ken. Is ministering to the souls of men. And if our vision's true and God is near, his voice will speak to you and you will hear, "Go ye out to all the world and preach for me The Gospel of Immortality." For God's in every man and man's divine. For He hath said, "Let thy light so shine." That unto all others a beacon it shall be, helping and guiding on toward Immortality. Thou canst not help or guide the least one on if thou are not sure thyself the way is true; that is the reason I have come to you. To make it simpler, clearer, unto thee, to find the way to Immortality. If thou hast helped just one poor, lonely soul. To heal a wound and make it whole, then hast thou seen God, and God shall dwell with thee, making thee sure of Immortality.
Contemplate these words. If you have learned to love and appreciate the abundance of God/Spirit around and in us, the natural forces and powers with which we are truly blessed. I encourage you to go out and preach the Gospel of Immortality in your own very unique way.

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