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"We are all in this giant wheel of life, this grand circle and we are all connected. If you enjoy these writings and quotes shared, then part of my life mission is complete. Notice that the writings are all of everything, no particular dogma or religion. There are many paths to Spirit. Some of these may apply, while some may not. Take what is beneficial and leave behind that which is not. In part, it is what it is and it is my gift to bring enlightenment to all life here and beyond."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Being Grateful


Good morning,

My friends, it has been awhile since I have wrote. I have been busy and on vacation and just returned, and now back to the routine. I have recently visited and spent a few days on the Navajo and Hopi reservations and wow, what an experience. A friend who visited me and I both enjoyed this trip. I think the most interesting thing I learned from this journey is the fact that we are all one and the same in Spirit. As I observed the people and their culture, one thing I found out was that they are proud and happy for what they have. A great learning experience. Something I think most of us may find it difficult to do in our own little world. I think we are attached to so many things and when we find we don't have them or are on the verge of loosing them we become just a little bit crazy and such. Even to the point of doing just about anything to get it back or obtain what we think will make us happy. If you contemplate this a little, how many things in your world do you rely on to make you happy? Or should I say you think it makes you happy. There is nothing outside of us that truly makes one happy. All is only temporal. If we just stop and start being grateful for all that we have right now in our lives and know it is okay, then the Great Spirit, God, the Universe is ready to give us more. I think the Native Americans knew this as all indigenous people have and still live it today for the most part. Myself, I have always lived life as being grateful and saying many thanks always in all ways. Although this journey I took the last few days has truly made me re-evaluate my level of gratefulness. I now know it even more and I guess you can even say I am grateful for this too. So much to elaborate on this, but I guess what I would ask you is this. What things are you grateful for? Do you look outside of yourself to find things or people to make you happy? How attached are you to things? I am not saying it is wrong to have things or being happy for things outside of yourself. But, when you are in a state of feeling a lack of or depressed and seek for external things to solve your desire to be happy and not first just being happy already within, having a gratitude for what you already have and trusting in Spirit to provide. Then the connection between Spirit and yourself is separated in those moments leaving you to provide for the ego. Just practice a little in your day to day outings the many things in your life to be truly in gratitude about. Know also that all you want, wish and desire are already yours within and claim it so. And once you can establish this practice, then the Universe can respond to anything else you need or want. But be careful to be really attached to anything. As nothing is really ours anyway and just a loan from Spirit as a blessing in our lives. Because as quickly as it may come, it can leave just as well. So as I remember the smiles and laughter of the people I saw on my small trip. I think on an outer surface they seem to be poor, lack of the good life as we know it and needy. But, I think what we misunderstand that as, is they are really ahead of the game and truly in touch with The Great Spirit and know they are blessed for all things in their life. Something we truly can learn from. My friend, go forth today and be in touch with your Spirit, laugh and love, for it's all good!

In loving white light, my faith, love and magik...

Blessed be always,




"Today I am centered in the goodness of God/The Great Spirit. I am filled with thanksgiving for all that life has bestowed upon me and those around me. I look at all life through the prism of gratitude, and what I see is thus magnified in joy. Grateful for all that I have and the people in my life, they look back at me with eyes warmed by sweet love. I am so very happy to be me and I love myself. I am truly happy to just be alive and know all is good, as all is God. And so it is."

It seems to us that from the earliest times, man's natural state was to be free as our grandfathers told us and we believe that freedom is inherent to life. We recognize this principle as the key to peace, respect from one another and the understanding of the natural law that prevails over all the universe and adherence to this law is the only salvation of our future on the planet, Mother Earth.
- Oren Lyons, Onondaga, 1987

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A Poem That Inspires Me

The following poem has actually set the goal of my life and the reason for this blog. Basically it says to me that love is the only difference between life and a living death. I feel the more love a person has, the higher his evolution and development is. In turn, the higher his development is, the nearer is he to the knowledge of God/Spirit, and of course the most asked question, the meaning of life.
The noblest work on earth, within my ken. Is ministering to the souls of men. And if our vision's true and God is near, his voice will speak to you and you will hear, "Go ye out to all the world and preach for me The Gospel of Immortality." For God's in every man and man's divine. For He hath said, "Let thy light so shine." That unto all others a beacon it shall be, helping and guiding on toward Immortality. Thou canst not help or guide the least one on if thou are not sure thyself the way is true; that is the reason I have come to you. To make it simpler, clearer, unto thee, to find the way to Immortality. If thou hast helped just one poor, lonely soul. To heal a wound and make it whole, then hast thou seen God, and God shall dwell with thee, making thee sure of Immortality.
Contemplate these words. If you have learned to love and appreciate the abundance of God/Spirit around and in us, the natural forces and powers with which we are truly blessed. I encourage you to go out and preach the Gospel of Immortality in your own very unique way.

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